My reaction to SKYDIVING!

Be FEARLESS, and face your fears! The sky is the limit!!

OKAY….I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be skydiving for my 40th birthday!

And guess what? I did it!!
I still can’t believe it!!!
In the skies of Gatineau, Quebec, with the best instructor ever! This is the post-jump video (and I apologize for profanity, but, I was quite excited!).

Sure, I was scared, but as you can see, the adrenaline rush just took right over!! WOW, what an experience!!

Can’t stop singing “” #freefallin by Tom Petty – keep a lookout for my video showing my actual jump!!

Sponsored by, and thanks to Parachute GO Skydive, for an AMAZING experience… I would do it again in a flash!! ❤️

First SKYDIVING Experience!

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

2 thoughts on “My reaction to SKYDIVING!”

  1. Hi, Sandra! Judging from the video I would say it was some kind of an amazing natural high! Congrats and glad you got down to the ground safe.

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