A mind-untangling conversation with Cintia

YES, YES, YES!!! Who wants to learn about Cognitive Decline?! Alzheimer’s Disease? How the brain works? Some mental health discussion? Then this is the video for you!
Here, I have Cintia, also known as Veggiessima in our Coil CommunityCinnamon Community, and also on Twitter!

I was so inspired by her article, “Are you doing what you can to avoid cognitive decline?“, and had questions of my own on how to prepare for this, how to train our brain…what can we do to recognize cognitive decline behaviour, and help those we love?

Cognitive decline does not happen overnight, but rather over many years, way before symptoms start to present.

– Cintia
I am not going to get into much detail here, but encourage you to watch as we “untangle our minds, and set them free…”!

**As mentioned in the video, this should not be used for medical advice. If you require help, please seek assistance from someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills.**

We seriously can’t get more real than this though – so sit back, and enjoy the show!
Thank you so much, Cintia, for sharing your thoughts! I really learned a lot from you, and it is really so great to hear your perspective on real-life matters – especially cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease!! I truly believe this will encourage those dealing with family members and/or friends, to keep pushing forward, one step at a time…

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