A mind-untangling conversation with Adam

AAAAAHHHH….Introducing my show, The Mind, Untangled. – a place where we can “untangle our mind, and set it free…”!
The video is at the bottom of this quick article…

This project of mine has been on the back burner for quite some time now, but it has taken off! Life happened, COVID happened, life happensperiodBut there are no more excuses.

There are many ways of accomplishing our goals, and technology can be one of them – as in here, you will find my first show featured on ZOOM, featuring Adam Waring (also known in the Coil and Cinnamon Community as AussieNinja), and on Twitter as @CryptoAdam. Give him a follow!!

I am not going to give much detail here in this article, since we have a great video to watch, where it is RAWUNEDITED, and REAL…because “we’ve all got something” going on in our lives, and it is great to talk freely about what is tangling our minds!
I will say this though – in this edition of my show, Adam and I share our thoughts on anxiety, and well, life in general. I thank him for his time, and great talk!! Oh, and let’s not forget the appearance of Madison and Clarissa, and my dog – Mimi. This show is an “anything goes” kinda show!

If you are interested in appearing on my show to just have a talk about anything and everything to untangle your mind, reach out to me on Twitter – @minduntangled, FaceBook – The Mind, Untangled., or Instagram – The Mind, Untangled.
Sit back and relax – and enjoy, until the next time!

I hope you enjoy the show – Peace and love to you all!

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