Why the Coil community?

Today is going to be a blog about my online family I met through Coil. My Coil Family, or, as many know, the Content Builders Club, created by Ken Melendez.

A special thank you to Ken, for all his hard work and dedication to keeping us all motivated and moving forward! And to the whole gang, for sticking together!

It’s amazing first of all, how fast we have all connected. With all of our differences, our time zones, and other life obligations, it is amazing how we can uplift each other and be there for each other like actual family. It is mind boggling to me how much I crave to come and write an article on Coil, aiming for every day (but sometimes hard because of other obligations)!
And then to receive such POSITIVE feedback!

It is amazing how from even through technology – we can feel how each one is feeling. For instance, when I was feeling overwhelmed a couple weeks ago, my “family” knew. They offered supportkindness, and compassion. It didn’t matter to them that I was feeling down, they stuck by me. And when you really think about it, even though I needed my space, I also needed to keep in contact with them. Why? Because they are what keeps me writing. They are what motivates me. And in life, we meet people who “understand” us, and when our tangled minds just needs some time to untangle sometimes, they are understanding. Know what I mean?!

On December 17th, I was invited to join in on a LiveStream by Patricia C., to surprise the others – NickAdam, and Lauren! I have never been in a Live Stream before, and holy moly, what a rush! Take some time to check it out on Patricia’s YouTube Channel!
It was great, it was fun, and it was humorous – we all had a great time talking, sharing thoughts, and laughing!! Besides, isn’t that what friendships are for?!

Also in the stream, my daughters joined for a bit, and that stream has now motivated my oldest to start blogging on Coil! You can find Julianna’s articles here, where she focuses on friendships as she takes each day along her journey through high school!
I encourage you to check out these “Coilers” as well, other then the ones mentioned above … I cannot go into great detail about each and every one at the moment, but I will say they all have amazing articles.

Definitely worth taking the time to read if you are looking for motivation, crypto news (especially XRP), information on how to use Coil, games, comics, music, art, poetry, history, and so much more!!
Dr. Change
Michele Lancia
Seth Stanley
Steven Sands
Orlando Buck
Mike Ashman
I would also like to mention Riley Q., as well as Dr. Chris, and Mancel, for their motivation and talent.

I am SO sorry to you all that I have not taken the time to share information about you individually, but I want you all to know that you have such talent and I am so happy that Coil brought us all together, so that we can “untangle our minds, and set it free…”!

A special thank you to Coil, for allowing us all to share our thoughts on this amazing platform! Thank you for making this experience fun, easy, and for encouraging us further by implementing the Boost Program. For those who aren’t on the Boost Program yet, don’t lose hope – share your talents with your friends and family, as well as this whole community! In time, you will accomplish your hopes and dreams more than you could imagine!! Persistence and Determination!!! ❤️

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