Who’s to judge?

In today’s world, I find that people are so quick to judge. Whether it’s about the way you dress, the way you “look”, the way you speak.
My question is – what is it that gives people the satisfaction of putting other people down? For any of those reasons?

Everyone is unique and “different” in their own ways. Their own style. The way they talk, the way they walk. It doesn’t make them any different or less than someone else.

Take this picture of me for example:

When you look closely, you can see the scar above my lip. In my past, people automatically assumed it was a cleft lip. And you know what they say when you “assume” something – “You will only make an ass out of you and me!!”

My thought to their perspective of me was – So what if it was cleft lip?! Your first impression of me is my upper lip? I find it pretty disheartening and rude, if you ask me.
Let’s take Joaquin Phoenix for another example. An Actor whom I truly admire in which he starred as the main actor in two movies that I absolutely love – more recently, “Joker“, and the 2005 film, “Walk the Line” – where he portrayed Johnny Cash.
I mention Joaquin because he did not let this stop him from pursuing his career as an Actor!!

And even more so, nobody should back down from what they believe in just because other people look down on you. Just because other people don’t understand why you have a scar or a wheelchair or you appear “different” , or whatever it may be, it doesn’t give them the authority to judge you!

Let me tell you about this scar above my lip. Back when I was eleven years old, I lived on a farm with my grandparents. We had all kinds of different animals, and horses was one of them. My mom and dad got my sister and I both a horse each, and we then started to take horseback riding lessons and became really comfortable riding.
Her name was Christina, and for the life of me, I can’t find her picture – but for now – I found one that looks a lot like her!

One day after school, I got on top of Christina. I guess I was bored with just doing a walk, because I managed to find a stick, and tapped her on her behind to make her trot. Well, that wasn’t good enough either because soon she was galloping. Next thing I know, she was running, and I mean, really running. fast!
I started to panic, trying to gain control, but she then started bucking, and next thing I know, I went flying over her head.

And RIGHT in front of a manure pile!
I managed to get up, crying (okay, screaming), with blood all over my face, my body, my hands. My mom came home, and rushed me to the hospital.
If you know me, I don’t handle pain well, although since giving birth to three children, I am a lot better at handling it now. But trust me when I say I was terrified of needles!!
I remember that day so clearly, as if it was yesterday!
They had six nurses holding me down….SIX!!!! I was squirming and screaming so much while the doctor put the stitches above my lip, and one just in my nose, but, it got done!
It was craziness, and after that, I was scared to get back on my horse, but, I slowly became confident again!
The moral of this story is – you should never judge someone from their appearance. You just have no idea what their story is!! ❤️
This picture here, was taken of me last night…

My socks, my shirt, makes me feel confident, and not worry about what others think!!
Meh, this is me! And you should be able to just be YOU!!
Comfort, flawless, and whacky!!! 🤪😂 Nobody says you have to please others! As long as you are YOU, that’s what it’s all about!!!
No judgement. No looks. No nothing!!
Remember to show kindness, it really means a lot to others, and could make the world of a difference in someone’s day!!
Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

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