Who is Matt Hamilton?

It’s pretty cool when you get on social media, some of the people you meet, isn’t it?! In particular, I have had the privilege of meeting (through social media, not in real life) and interviewing Matt Hamilton, a Software Developer and Developer Advocate at IBMDeveloper. He is well known as @HammerToe on Twitter, and just reached 10K Followers – CONGRATS Matt!! And, you can find his articles on Coil, here!

As some may know, I have interviewed Riley Q.Wietse Wind, and Colin the Crypto. I believe it’s good to share personal experiences, as you allow your feelings and thoughts to flow, and we get personal in this article, in the Subscriber Only Section – such an inspiring story, from Matt!
First, let’s get started with XRP related questions!

SANDRA: Matt, in your opinion, where do you see the price of XRP in one year, five years, and ten years?
MATT: XRP – OK…. so I’m not a great one for price predictions. I’ve only once done that, and I think I said $10 at the time XRP was about $2. I think over the space of 1 year, is really uncertain as the entire world’s economy is so fragile right now, and still regulatory clarity missing from digital assets. As for 5 and 10 years…who knows…no one would have predicted the price Bitcoin rose over 10 years. But ok, what the hell… how about $5 in 5 years, and $20 in 10 years.

S: What are your thoughts on the preallocation theory and/or the Shane Ellis theory?
M: Preallocation and Shane Ellis….to be honest, I think most of those theories are just hopium and random junk statistics. I don’t personally give them much weight. The Shane Ellis one talks about how little would be needed to buy up all the first levels of an exchanges order book. The problem with that, is that there is enough arbitrage going on at the moment, that anything like that would be pretty short lived. The price would spike up, followed by massive sales bringing the price back down again.

S: What are your thoughts on the recent PayID and PayPal announcements?
M: PayID: I’m *very* excited about this. It is such as simple protocol, but yet such a needed piece of the payment puzzle. Simple ideas are the best as they can be so widely implemented. I also see it as a chance to unify the cryptocurrency world some more and break down some of the tribal boundaries. I am already working on an idea for the PayID hackathon this next month.
PayPal: well, I’m not sure how much of an effect this will actually have. They have said they will allow purchasing of cryptocurrencies via them. But that doesn’t mean they will be using them at all. And with the current state of the economy, does this really matter? Are you going to buy a bit of XRP or BTC when you need to put food on the table? Those that have the financial means to invest at the moment will no doubt already be doing so, it’s not like we are short of cryptocurrency buying options or exchanges in most locations.
Now, if those two things combine then that could be cool… I didn’t see any mention of Paypal using PayID, but being able to represent a PayPal address in a PayID would be very useful.

S: Do you care to speculate on what Polysign will provide and how it will affect the price of XRP?
As for Polysign…. that is an enigma, isn’t it? Clearly they are up to something. For a while I thought it had all stopped as we didn’t hear anything. But clearly they are working on something. And the very strong “no comment” from David Schwartz due to NDAs makes it certainly seem that it could be something juicy. My guess is pretty mundane and that it is just very high quality custodial solutions for institutional investment companies to hold cryptocurrencies… but it could be something far more ‘left field’ than that. Ripple kept PayID quiet until they announced it, and that is pretty revolutionary.
S: This is just so great, thank you for sharing your insight, Matt!!❤️

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