Unsettled mind?

I came across this quote, and it is something I want to share today because it seems as if our mind gets tangled with thoughts that are unnecessary!! Especially when it comes to friendships.

If a person always leaves you with mixed feelings, uncertainty and an unsettled mind, you don’t need to place your energy there.

– Reyna Biddy

How true is this?!
Damn right, it’s true – I will even answer for you!! 😉
You see, we can’t let anyone make us feel so uncertain or vulnerable about ourselves that we are questioning our own self-worth. They’re the ones who are not worth it!
Place your good vibes and your positive energy towards the people that matter to you – the ones who make a difference in your world and are deserving of your love! ❤️

“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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