Unexpected but grateful

Embrace the unexpected. The things we never saw coming often take us to the places we never imagined we could go.

Wait, what? I can’t be…!!
But it was true, and it was a surprise at that…
On November 10, 2006, my third (and last) daughter, Clarissa, was born. Just eight days shy of Madison’s first birthday (almost Irish Twins!!).
We never planned on having another child, it just happened. BUT, I am I SO thankful to have been blessed!! ❤️
If you haven’t seen my articles about my two older girls, you can find them here: Julianna (A Birth Story – A doctor or a midwife?) and Madison (My love for my daughter…).
It’s funny because now that the girls are older – they say, “MOM, you got pregnant on Valentine’s Day!! … two times in a row??!!!” I just laugh at them …. okay girls, a little TMI here!! 🤨😇
When Clarissa was born, they called her the “miracle” baby. She was an easy delivery, but she came out with two knots in her umbilical cord. TWO!! How the heck she survived, I have no idea, but I call myself one lucky Momma!!
I remember the days when I was working and pregnant, I craved Japanese food. I HAD to get to the food court at lunch so that I could have my Teriyaki, rice, and salad! YUM! And now, today, Clarissa is the one who tries every kind of food – you name it! It’s awesome – she likes food that is spicy and unique (even oysters!)!
But you know, even though she was unexpected, I am SO grateful for her, for all the little things she does for me and our family. She is kind, generous, witty, and has quite the sense of humor!

She is beautiful and I am so proud of who she is becoming! She looks up to her sister, Madison, a lot. I will admit, she and Julianna tend to bump heads at time, but I guess that’s the way siblings are, right?! Three girls, one year apart, watch out for the hormones!!!

At a young age, we learned that Clarissa has Tourette’s Syndrome. From time to time, she had her tiks, mostly when stressed, and she still gets them from time to time. The sounds, the eye twitching, the head and body movements. I remember one time when a friend of mine made a joke to her about it, and after I asked Clarissa to leave, I explained to my friend that Clarissa has no idea that she’s doing those movements. I was not upset at my friend, most people just don’t know. I explained it to her, and now she understands.
And Clarissa now, realizes most times when she is involuntarily doing “something”. If I catch it, I will gently nudge her and remind her – and she will help herself to control it.
I was worried about this, because there was some teasing at school, but like I said earlier – Clarissa is a funny one. A comedian I call her! She brushes it off as best as she can, looking the other way…

I do know that deep down, it hurts her feelings. Why wouldn’t it?! She has a heart of gold. For example, there have been two comments on my Tik Tok that have upset her, and she was the first to comment back to them!! I can’t believe how she just sticks up for me like that, and I was like, WOW!!!! Yet, at the same time, it’s not her job to, really…she’s a kid! But, it’s also in her nature, and I’m not going to tell her not to do it. She doesn’t like to see me hurting. Period. Or her sisters, and she will say how she feels. I’m not going to ask her to hide her emotions, because truth is, they need to be expressed.
Clarissa is truly always thinking about others. There was a time when I was single with the three of them – Clarissa must have been about six years old – and we went shopping. She knew about my tunnel vision (I have been as honest as I can be about it with the girls once they were old enough to understand), and she would hide in my blind spot, then would start laughing because she saw me looking around for her like crazy!! But then, what happened was so beautiful …. she grabbed my hand and said, “Come on Mommy, I’m going to guide you so you don’t trip”. 😭😭
To this day, if I don’t have Mimi by my side, she wants to be the one who holds my hand, so I don’t trip or bump into anything. And I’m a mom, so I will take the hand ANYTIME! When ANY of my girls want to!!
But you know what it is? These are my special moments, and the thing is, not every day is perfect. I’m still a parent. I still have the times when I need to repeat myself and ask them all to do things, but that’s how it goes. And when Clarissa does things – she does it to perfection – so neat, and “perfect” (yes, OCD runs in our family!)!!
To finish this article off, Clarissa graduated Grade 8 yesterday. Yes, I had tears in my eyes – my baby isn’t so little anymore, and she received the Generosity Award!! I am SO proud of her and what she has accomplished thus far, and I can’t believe how fast time really flies!
Here are some pictures from last night…

If I had to say something to a new mom, I would say – enjoy EVERY minute of it!! There are going to be ups and downs … just don’t wish for time to speed up, because the early years, the every day – are the days that count!
I’ve had friends that talk bad about their kids – I’ve heard them wish things that aren’t nice, and it truly does sicken me. It saddens me that people can talk that way. I don’t understand it, and so I distance myself from those people…
Cherish the time you do have with your children, and don’t beat yourself up over every little thing that you think goes wrong. Kids are kids. They adjust to new surroundings, new challenges – they just need to know and feel how much they are loved. And this, is what I strive to do every day!
I am so grateful for my children, and the times that they have taught me what life is all about – love, family, and memories. I look forward to each and every moment more that I get to spend with them!❤️
here is a video of Clarissa when she was younger – it’s one of my favourites!!

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