The Bench …

Don’t forget to take some quiet time for YOU.
To let your mind run free as you pause. And breathe.

I took this picture last night, and just did up this quick poem.
Hope you all can find peace within yourself to continue with your days. ❤️

The bench right there,
Waiting patiently.
Waters flow behind,
Calling for me.

To sit on that bench,
Let my mind untangle.
Let my emotions flow freely,
So as not to be dangled.

I have priorities. I have kids.
I do have things to do.
Washing dishes, folding clothes,
And cooking all the food.

I do sit down,
As I think about my day.
I take some time for me,
Deserved in every way.

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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