Sometimes, you just gotta laugh at yourself!

Today is one of those days that I feel like sharing a couple of videos with you all. It’s Saturday and it’s a pretty relaxed day. All the chores are pretty much done, and so I’m taking it easy before I start dinner. It’s been a busy, emotional week!

If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you’d like.

– Natalie Portman

Sometimes, life takes us for a loop, and the thing is, we must always remember who we are, truly, deep inside! I find that we can lose track easily if we let ourselves, and then it feels like it is out of our control. Sometimes, it happens before we even realize it. 😟

Here is a video, from SnapChat when I was being silly a while back that I found while zipping through my phone!

This right here – is a REMINDER!Especially for me!
As many times as I say it, this is a reminder to breathe. Breathe, laugh, act silly, and just be you!

You see, it is estimated that the average person has over 50,000 thoughts per day – that’s 2100 thoughts per hour. per hour!

If we can repeat the positive thoughts in our minds, then we can focus on remaining positive!!

Don’t you think we deserve to have a good laugh? It can’t always be about being serious – at work, with the kids, our partners, with society. The more we laugh, the better we feel.

And on top of that, we are smiling – we are blocking out the negative thoughts – the people who hurt us, the pain we feel, the hurt we feel.
For that few minutes of being whoever the heck you want to be – it’s that few minutes that you really do feel great!

Seriously, I just couldn’t stop laughing at myself the way my voice sounded and the way I laughed. I still get a chuckle out of it when I watch it! You know how when you start laughing at something and you just. can’t. stop.?!

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Have a beautiful day all!❤️
Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

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