The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

She started up the path, where she knew the beautiful waterfall nestled into the woods, away from anyone to see from the road.

She went to her normal spot, where there was a stump that she sat on, underneath her favourite tree. She looked around, to make sure no one was there…all she needed, was her time alone. All she needed, was time to think. All she needed, was time to ponder all the questions that were going on in her mind.

Holding her mug of hot coffee in her hand, she found her favourite rock. You see, it wasn’t just an ordinary rock. It had markings on it, and the way that it was situated in the earth, she could fit her mug on it flat. It was almost as if this spot was there for her specifically…

Looking around, she made sure nobody was there, as she pulled out her notebook, her diary. And her favourite pen. A blue pen, thin for her long, exquisite fingers as they gripped around it so perfectly.

She took a deep breath in – the beautiful sound of the water as it trickled freely to form a stream. The wind blowing softly, as the trees rustled and the leaves started to fall.
She then reached into her bag for her music. Her calming music so that she could untangle her mind, and set it free, as she let her pen do the magic. Here is what she wrote…

You stare into the fire.
Watching the blazing flames.
And you wonder what the meaning is.

Does it resemble your life?
A part of your soul?
A part of how you feel?

You realize that the fire blazing,
Is like your heart pounding.
Pounding until it feels like it’s going to explode.
As you think of the world around you.
And all that is happening.

Then, all of a sudden, it dies down.
The fire once blazed, ever so high.
Slowly shrinks. Lower and lower.
Just like the feeling in your heart does.

It’s like when you are in your worst situation.
When you have nowhere to turn.
Or no one to turn to.

The feeling is unimaginable,
and you feel yourself slipping away.
Deeper and deeper into a place unknown.

All you need is a reaching hand.
All you need is for that fire to pick up again.
For that spark to light up.

But you have no idea how.
How to find that spark again.
As you pray for your lost soul.
Praying only, for the best.
– Sandra Scala

As she stopped her writing, she looked up. She was shocked to realize that the sun was starting to go down. She was more shocked to realize that her paper had water marks on them, from the tears flowing down her rose-flushed cheeks.
She did not understand the feelings and emotions that had been running through her mind, until she came here, to her magical spot – to find peace and serenity.

She wiped away the tears, and let out a sigh.

In that moment, she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She knew in her mind now, that as long as she stayed positive, she would be okay. She realized that as long as she focused on the good, and did not allow her anxiety to feed her mind of all the negative “stuff”, she would be okay.

She realized then that she must accept the changes happening around her and look forward to these changes, rather than hiding from them. She realzied that not all changes are negative. Not all changes mean bad “new beginnings”.

All it means is that it takes a little more time. A little more patience.All it means is that she needs to make more time for herself to do her writing. She needed this time so that she could find her inner peace and serenity.
This is a story by: ME – Sandra Scala, The Mind, Untangled.

I hope it inspires those who are finding themselves in a spot where they are unsure of their meaning in life. Where they find themselves in a spot where they feel overwhelmed.

There are ways to keep pushing forward, and for me, it’s when I am alone in a quiet spot – where I can just enjoy the fresh air and the beauty around me. Where I can write down my thoughts and try to figure it all out …
We all need that alone time sometimes. Find something to help YOU to keep pushing forward and never give up hope …

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