Re-focus and shift your thoughts

Too many years fighting back tears. Why can’t the past just die? Wishing you were somehow here again, knowing we must say goodbye. Try to forgive, teach me to live, give me the strength to try! No more memories, no more silent tears, no more gazing across the wasted years. Help me say goodbye.

– Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera

This past weekend was a weekend for me to put my social media away and focus on what is important to me…

And so I took some time to watch The Phantom of the Opera with my daughter, my best friend, and her son, at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto.
Even through all the hustle and bustle, I managed to make time to buy tickets to take my daughter, Julianna, to go and see The Phantom. My other two girls didn’t want to come, and my hubby said to go!!

You see, I don’t know how I got singing it one day – maybe it was because I played it on the piano and it stuck with me – but Julianna then searched it up on her phone and insisted on watching the movie! So we grabbed the movie, and we watched it…and she loved it! She became emotional in some scenes, but fell in love with the movie, and the music became her favourite. So why not take her to the theatre? She was, by the way, the one who asked if we could go …

A bit blurry, sorry!
We got to the show, and as the beginning started with the introduction song, lights shining as the orchestra roared – I got the chills, all through my body – as I let the vibrant sound of music take me to another place…feeling myself drift into another world. It was so mesmerizing and magical at the same time!! The show was phenomenal, and we had a wonderful day out!! We even made it home before the ice storm!!

And now, I want to share some more of my thoughts with respect to the above quote from The Phantom. It stuck with me because of the truth it holds.
You see, the past is the past, and sometimes, as much as you find yourself asking questions about it, and you might wish things were different in your present day, everything really does happen for a reason!

No more tears.No more anger.No regrets.

Just acceptance and gratification for what you have today. You are breathing. You have life and you should experience it as much as you can, as you grasp the moments that truly are important to you!

Remember to do something special that you like doing – whether it’s a theatre, a movie, a video game, working out, baking, cooking, swimming. Whatever it is – you also need YOU time! ❤️
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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