PASSION – a love poem

Oh, how I wait for you,
Lying still in bed.
Wanting you, to come.

To come and lay with me,
To hold me, caress me.
Every part of my body,
Starting from my lips.

Oh, how I can taste the sweetness of your lips upon mine,
As your tongue slowly works its way all over my body, slowly, firmly.
The nape of my neck,
My bosom, and downwards.
Down to the heated, wet spot that awaits you every night.

I don’t want to wait.
I want to feel your passion.
I want you to make love to me.

Tell me I’m beautiful, I’m sexy.
Play with me. Nibble. Caress. Moan.
Thrust inside of me as you cum, and scream in delight.

I want every piece of you.
As much as I can.
It’s a craving I can’t hide.
Sexually, emotionally.
Physically, mentally.

Sandra Scala ❤️
The Mind, Untangled.

Heading Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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