My love for my daughter

A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.

– Unknown

As most of you know, I have three daughters, and I consider myself very fortunate! I love them so much!!
This particular article; however, is for my middle daughter, Madison.

I am reminded of a special night where our bond grew deeper, as shown in my header picture. And because of that night, I wrote a poem for her. I did a specific article titled “Just Hold on Tight” which will explain it all, but I also want to share this video with you in which I speak out the poem when I spoke at a conference last year in Ottawa:

If you follow me, you also know that I wrote an article about the birth of my first daughter, which you can find here. I am mentioning this because I am going to share a little bit about Madison before I get into why I am grateful for her.

Madison came into this world on November 2, 2005. Her dad and I knew that Madison would be a girl, and we both agreed this time that we would have her in the hospital. Let me tell you, I never thought how much I would appreciate an epidural!!!

After my natural experience with Julianna, I decided getting a needle in my back wouldn’t be as bad – boy was I right!! And what an easy delivery it was!! In and out of the hospital, and home to live life with two girls aged 16 months apart!!

Remember how I mentioned that the food cravings I had for Julianna was pizza and frozen yogurt? WELL, Madison was ALL Greek food! I would go to the food court during my lunch and grab the whole works – Souvlaki, potatoes, salad, pita, and extra tzatziki!! A little something like this…

Go figure one of Madison’s favourite foods now is…Greek! 😋
Now, fast forward a few years, and during those years. Madison has always been a sensitive, yet “strong” one. She always stuck up for her sisters, and continues to do so. She’s like a second mom to them. She’s responsible, she’s loving, she’s smart, and she’s always thinking of others! She just blows my mind how much she “carries” herself! ❤️

I remember one morning a few years back, I was having a panic episode, and was sitting on the stairs. I couldn’t breathe too great and was shaking almost to the point where I felt like I was going to vomit. I thought the girls were still sleeping, but as the tears rolled down my face, Madison came around the corner. No words. No nothing. She just sat with me and hugged me. And if you’ve been hugged by Madison, you would understand how much those hugs are so appreciated. She hugs and pats her hand on my back, and she asks me if I need some water. And she just sat with me as I took sips. It was such a beautiful moment, and I’ve had a few of these moments with her, which is why I am so grateful, for ALL that she does, and for the young woman she is becoming.

She’s my daughter, but she’s also my best friend. She has made me realize that it’s okay for me to be vulnerable. She has taught me that even though I have my moments as a mom, as a person – whether I’m happy, sad, or frustrated – we are all human and we are all worthy.

I have so much to be thankful for. She understands, at such a young age, and I just cannot express enough the love I have for her. I have to remind her that she is a kid and to have fun – not to worry so much because I want her to enjoy her life BEING a kid!! Know what I mean?

But it’s in her bones. It’s who she is – her love, her kindness, her compassion, her FEELINGS! Sure, she can have her moments, but I am astonished at how she holds herself, even through these teenage years where there are many different emotions flying!! 😂😍

A point I want to make about this, is that as parents, we tend to try to protect our children and sometimes we may expect too much from them. I’ve seen it in other parents, and I’m guilty of it as well! But I’ve learned over the years just how much children learn from watching us as parents.

Children learn from the love and the attention that we give to them, and to each other. The way that we speak to them, the way that we show our appreciation for even the smallest of things that they do. It all counts. Yes, there is discipline, but our children need to KNOW that we love them and accept them for who they are. There will be failures, but those failures help us to learn and mature.

Words AND actions go very far when bringing up children, and I just ask – if you have children – please make sure to appreciate them and love them – cherish ALL the moments, because life is just too short. ❤️

Madison has taught me a lot as a mom over the years. She makes her Momma so proud. I am so proud to call her my daughter…I would be so lost without her. Thank you Madison, for being YOU!
This article is inspired by Ken Melendez who created a Coil Gratitude Challenge.Cinnamon partnered up, in which you can find those details here!

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