MUFASA – King of the jungle!

Let me tell you, I never thought I would love a pet as much as I love this guy right here (besides Mimi, of course)!

This is Mufasa, he is our King of the Jungle! Our bearded dragon, and he is just absolutely amazing!

Today, I am doing a short article, only because I have to get some things done before the weekend, and today seemed to slip by!

My best friend came over, and we had a great time this afternoon, laughing and talking about silly stuff! And…this!

It’s not great video shot, but it was taken in action, so I wanted to share it! And. I mentioned Adam in it. Who is Adam, you ask? He is my friend from the Content Builders Club, and he LOVES Mufasa!! Actually, the WHOLE group loves him, as I share pictures and updates about him!

But, Adam took his talent and did an article about Mufasa – a Pixel Art Tutorial article where he created a bearded dragon! Check it out here!! And make sure to check out his articles – he does a bit of everything and is such an awesome guy! Thanks Adam, for being YOU!!

You ask, how does this article motivate people? Well, I will tell you. My best friend Joanne, and I, couldn’t stop laughing! We even got grossed out!! We had a blast feeding Mufasa crickets and worms!! Only the worms are recorded in this video, but boy, did we have a great time!!
And that’s what life is about – enjoying all the little things that make you silly and have fun!! Right?!

Today, was one of those days when I just let loose, and Mimi, well – she was stressing me out a bit with her barking in the background!!

Oh, she looks so sweet and innocent though, right?!
BUT, I can’t complain!! Mimi is a beautiful dog to me, and my family, and I love her! I can’t complain about Mufasa either though because at least he is quiet!!! (wink wink)!

Here’s the thing…life is too darn short to be stressed out over every little thing. Take time for yourself to…
Relax. Live. Laugh.Love. Pause. Breathe.
P.S. We are in the midst of building Mufasa a Terrarium. I will post before and after pictures, once it is done!
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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