Me, the river, and my thoughts …

Sitting down, by the river.
Untangling my mind.

I love the sound of the river rushing through.
As sometimes, that’s how my emotions are.
Fast, hard, and loud.

I take a moment out of the day.
To reflect on my emotions.
I take a deep breath in.
And a long exhale out.

Yesterday morning, when I said goodbye to my sister,
I started to cry….okay, I was sobbing 😭😲
She hugged me so tight, and asked me what was wrong.
All I could do was cry, and tell her it was okay for me to cry,
as I told her I loved her. I just felt the need to let her know.

And since then, I’ve thought about my emotions.

It was a moment where I realized just how much I missed her,
and how much I just wanted a bit more time with her, to talk.
Her life with her family, and mine with my family, it’s hard to have that quiet time.
And sometimes, I just don’t feel like talking…but that morning, I did.

I wanted to tell her too, how overwhelmed I am with gratitude from all of the love and support I have received.
Not just from my family and friends – but also from people I have not met. All I can say is thank you. ❤️

I have my daily stresses, but it’s okay to have an emotional moment.
It’s okay to allow your feelings to explode once in a while,
but only once in a while 😉!

Some life lessons I’ve learned?
Don’t let fear stop you from your happiness.
Don’t second-guess yourself or your passions.
Don’t let hatred cast a shadow over your days.

It’s good to share positive vibes and kindness.
It’s amazing to feel loved, and share that love.
It could make the world of a difference to someone,
letting them know just how special they are,
and that we all have our days…

Who’s that one person you can open up to and share your feelings with?
Share this with them, and let them know how much you care.

Photo Credit: Julianna

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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