Lucky to be alive

The header image is blurry. That’s because this happened ten years ago. April 9, 2010, to be exact. And that is the truck I was in an accident with.

I am going to share this story today, because this was yet another time in my life that made me “wake” up. And it was just another regular day, or so I thought.

At this time in my life, I had separated from my ex-husband and had moved back home with my parents. I needed their extra support because I had to commute approximately two hours each way to get to work, and with three girls aged 4, 5, and 6 at the time, well – you can only imagine!

That morning was a clear, sunny day. However, the weather in Ontario can change so drastically, in an instant – as I am sure it does everywhere! But that morning, I got up at 5:30 am., got ready to go to work, and was out the door!

At the time, I had a van. I was about 10 minutes out the door, and noticed that something was up with the van (the brakes weren’t working right), so I turned around and went back home. I talked to mom about it, and she said I should just take her truck for the day.
I was on my way!

But you know that feeling you get when you think, “I should just stay home today“?
My mom and I talked about that too, me staying home, but I was so persistent on going to work…

Everything was fine, I was driving southbound. I can still remember every single move. As I was driving, I felt the truck slide – OH SHIT, I thought. BLACK ICE!

Black ice is when you can’t see it, basically. It is dangerous because it looks like the rest of the pavement, but it is clear – you can’t notice the difference. It is caused by the temperature change, and can happen instantly! As in my case…

I felt the truck slide, and I knew then that I had no control over it. I didn’t press on the brake for fear of causing the truck to spin out, and so I let just let it do its own thing … and it went …

I crossed the line to the other side, and I flipped four times into a deep ditch. FOUR TIMES! But it was SO weird. I told myself, “HANG ON TIGHT AND HOLD YOUR HEAD BACK!

I was so scared, but I held my grip on the steering wheel, eyes wide open, and held my head back. I felt myself flipping with the motion of the truck and heard the smashes of the windshield, as images of my girls flashed before me.

The truck landed in the ditch upside down. I screamed, so loud, tears streaming down my face. I was lucky enough that it happened in front of a house, and I was more lucky that a man who was driving by pulled over, came into the ditch, and pulled me out the back window.

Now, I know they say that you shouldn’t move – but his first thought was the truck was going to blow up from the gas leaking! So he rushed to come and help me.
The family in the house called 911, and rushed out to see if I was okay. They called my mom for me, and mom met me at the hospital, while my girls stayed at home with my dad.

The odd thing about this accident? The signs that happened before it. In reality, I should have just stayed home. It was a sign telling me that something was going to happen. And damn, I was just too stubborn and felt that I needed to go to work.
At the hospital, they took x-rays and did the whole nine yards. To this day, I still have a bit of a hole on the top of my head that the doctors had decided not to stitch up. I swear I still feel glass coming out from my scalp from time to time, but, it is what it is. Sure – I still get “kinks” in my neck from the whiplash, but again, it is what it is.
I didn’t get a chance to go back to work right away. In fact, I ended up taking two months off because of my injuries and trauma, and doing physio to help align my back and neck.
And soon after that, guess what I did?!

I found a place closer to work, and an awesome babysitter to watch my girls! Yes, I was sad to leave my parents and the home I grew up in, but at the same time, I had to do what I felt was best.

As I’ve said before, I say it again. Everything happens for a reason.
Yes, if I stayed home, I wouldn’t have gotten into an accident.
Yet, at the same time, that accident “woke” me up. I realized that I couldn’t do the long drive to work anymore. I realized that I needed to be around for my girls. They needed me. They needed a mother.

I was one lucky person out there, and am thankful that there were no other cars involved. I am also thankful for that man pulling me out of the window. And I am more thankful that I am alive today, to watch my girls grow.

The moral of this story is – live life to the fullest, and go with what your gut instincts tell you!! If you have a bad feeling about something, then that’s probably a sign that you shouldn’t do it!
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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