Las Vegas and Superbowl

Trust me, not all of my stories are sad stories!

Three years ago this weekend, I REALLY wanted to go to Las Vegas (it being my first time). I would have even gone alone, but instead, made it a weekend away with my parents!

Little did I know, that the Superbowl weekend is the busiest time of year for Las Vegas – people betting on the game! But, let me tell you, it was a weekend I will always remember!

While I was in Vegas – I didn’t want to sleep! The people, the entertainment – it was ALL amazing!

I had made plans for us to go and see Blue Man Group which was a great show, and even ended up doing it again with my kids when we went on a trip to Florida!
The three of us toured the Old Vegas, and saw the light show! We saw all of the different people on the streets performing, and the different bands. It was spectacular! 

Since it was a short weekend, my mom and I decided to tour the Hoover Dam while we were there as well! We got the tour, and it was absolutely stunning! The header image of the article is a picture of me leaning backwards with the Dam behind me – yep – I made my mom scared a bit!!
Here are a few pics from the Hoover Dam:

It was a beautiful trip. It really was. I even got to play some cards, and met some wonderful people!

Today, I was inspired by NickelNDime’s article, NickelNDime Picks the Big Game, and decided to expand on a little something I do every year at Superbowl. It is a family tradition and I make a Nacho Dip for us all while we watch! Thanks to Nickel, this is what I made:

And this is how I normally make it:

The Football Dip, I gave to a friend of mine because I know how much she LOVES football! And the normal dish is for myself and my family!! 😉

The dip recipe was given to me YEARS ago by my aunt, and since then, I’ve added different ingredients!! I had lots of time today, since it’s a kid-free weekend, so I listened to music while doing my thing!

Take the time to do what you enjoy doing! It leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment after, no matter how small it is!
Have a great Sunday all! ❤️

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