Just a girl

A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.

– Marilyn Monroe
What truly defines us?
Well, clothing doesn’t define who we are.And looks don’t define who we are either.Nor does a fancy car, or a big house.

Sure, it feels good to dress up, and “look” pretty.Fancy suit, beautiful dress, and all.Sure, it feels good to put makeup on and “feel” pretty.

However, not everyone can afford to live luxuriously.And not everyone can find the time, or energy. Not everyone wants to change who they are, in order to please others. Not everyone wants to hide their identity, in fear of being ridiculed.
Some people choose to pretend.Some people choose to change.
And some people do choose to hide.
But why? This should NOT be!!Why should materialism matter?

We have choices.

We have the choice to follow our dreams.
We have the choice to be kind.
We have the choice to lend a helping hand.
We have the choice to say yes, or no.

AND, we also have decisions to make.
We make the decision to follow our dreams.
We make the decision to be kind.
We make the decision to lend a helping hand.
We make the decision to say yes, or no.

Do not allow fear to take control of the choices you’ve made.
And continue to make.
Do not allow fear to take control of the decisions you’ve made.
And continue to make.
Do not allow fear to tell you that you are not good enough or strong enough.

You ARE good enough and you ARE strong enough.To handle whatever it is, that may cross your path.Sure, there may be bumps (and big ones).But you have survived this far.
Yes…you ARE a survivor!!

Be proud and hold your head high.Take control of the fear and do not let it consume your inner beauty.It’s your INNER BEAUTY that defines you.Not a sickness you may be fighting.Not daily or life challenges you may face.Not the negativity of others.It’s not the size of your body.It’s not a pretty dress, or a fancy suit.It’s not a fancy car.And it’s definitely not a big house.

Believe in yourself.Your choices. Your decisions.Your way of life.And don’t ever think less.

Here I am, in this picture, not wearing any makeup and just comfy clothes. This is me, on a daily basis. Some days, I put some lipstick and eyeliner on. Most days, I’m. just. me., with a smile!
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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