Is it just a pose?

I ask if this is just a pose, because here I am, leaning against a palm tree, smiling.
Smiling as if I have no worries in the world…

Well, I do have worries. And I’m sure the majority of people do also!!
About something. Whether big, or small.

You see, the way I look at it, smiles can be deceiving.
Why deceiving? Because, it’s easy.
You can smile and pretend that everything is OK.
You can smile and say you’re my best friend.
You can smile and hide your real, deep feelings.

Life isn’t perfect.
But, we can try to make it as perfect in our eyes, as we can.
Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we cry.
And sometimes – we scream – at the top of our lungs!!
Whether it’s in anger and frustrations, or pure joy.

Here in this picture, I’m really happy.
And to be honest, it made me feel good to just lean against that tree, and act silly!
However, my happy isn’t every day.
I have my moments when my anxiety creeps in and I get all emotional;
I have my moments when I can notice the difference in my vision; and,
I have my moments when I need my space from the kids!
Meh – I’m sure I’m not the only one!!!
Everyone does – whether they want to admit it or not!

BUT, I’m going to keep my chin up, and keep pushing forward.
Taking one day at a time (my Motto!).

It’s not easy to know whether or not someone is suffering.
It’s not easy to tell someone to just get over it.

When you’re feeling down, and out, remember, you are not alone.
Grab your phone and take a selfie. Make funny faces.
Call someone you trust, and smile with them.
They may help you to feel better.
They may make you smile, laugh, dance, sing …

My advice to people is – don’t judge by a smile.
Life is too short to be judging.
Be supportive. Be loving. Be kind.

In the end, it does us all good!

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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