International Men’s Day

You just don’t know their story. Yes, even men suffer in silence. Show kindness, show compassion. Show L O V E .

– Sandra Scala

Happy International Men’s Day to all you men out there – fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, leaders, mentors – ALL of you!
I am one of those people who believe that both men and women are equal. I believe that both men and women have different roles in today’s society; however, it does not mean that any one of them are any less.
I have always admired Temple Grandin’s quote:

Different, Not Less

Every man, every woman – is different, but not less.

Today, there is a lot of Women Empowerment, but you see, when I started “The Mind, Untangled.”, I didn’t want to be specific with just women. Why? Because it’s not all about the women.

Men out there suffer in silence as well. There are men out there who feel powerless and worthless, and who are scared to share their thoughts. Perhaps they feel that they need to be strong and be the breadwinner; but, the thing is – they too do a hell of a job – whether it’s as a single dad, a husband trying to make ends meet for his wife and/or family, or even just someone who is striving to reach their goals in life!

Sometimes, men do fail. And it’s OKAY. You fail, you pick right back up. You find someone to talk to. You meditate. You listen to music. WHATEVER IT IS – You push yourself to be the best you can be!!! Because there are people who need you and who do appreciate you.

Damn, life is not easy sometimes, and everyone goes through tough times. Men should be recognized for the hard work they do as well – what they do to provide for their families and friends – to help make this world a better, and safer, place to live – the police services, security, the men who fought and continue to fight for us in the war(s).

Sure, there are men who have chosen (and choose) to do terrible things, but that doesn’t mean every man is a bad person. There ARE good men out there who are only trying to do the best they can, just like us women, and they should be recognized not only today – but every day.

I say to all the men in my life – THANK YOU. Thank you for your love, your support, your everything. Just THANK YOU! You are loved, you are appreciated, and I am SO grateful!! ❤️

To all the women out there – take time to appreciate the men you have in your life. Take time to try to understand what they are going through. They have feelings, just like us.
Remember – life isn’t about the materialistic “stuff” – it’s about the love and hope in life.

The pure joys in life. There may not be flowers every day or an “I love you” when you feel like you need it the most. There may be sickness and there may be financial burdens – but there is the support and understanding, when you take the time to communicate and share your thoughts through it all.

Again, Happy International Men’s Day! Pause, breathe, and grasp each moment, today!

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