How I love hugs.
And not just a quick hug.
I mean – long, heart-felt hugs.
BIG squeeze and all.

It’s another form of therapy (and, free)!!
It helps ease pain, and relieve stress.
It helps with sadness, loneliness, and anger.
It helps to build trust, love, and security.

My nephew, in this picture, was sad (he got a little scared by my excited puppy)….so I picked him up and hugged him. Tightly.
And he just wrapped his wee little arms around my neck, and laid his head down.

I sang to him (yes, even with my horrific voice 😉),
but he became so relaxed, and calm, in my arms.
It was a sweet, pure moment.

I know for a fact he felt loved, and safe. ❤️
And he was no longer scared.

Sometimes, all we need is a warm, loving hug.
To let the people in our lives know we care about them, love them, appreciate them.
Especially when it’s sometimes hard for some who would rather just “hide” …. be there for them.

Spread your love today and share hugs!
everybody. needs. a. hug.
The more, the better!! 🤗🤗🤗

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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