holding on …

Holding you tightly,
tears stream down our cheeks.
We’re trembling, and sobbing,
I try not to be weak.

I try so hard, try so hard.
What else can I do?
The fear that’s inside me,
is so real, so true.

So why, oh why is it?
One day, I shan’t see?
As the tunnel gets smaller,
I ask, “Why, oh why me??”

“I may appear strong.
I may appear wise.
I may laugh, I may sing.
But damn, they’re my eyes!”

And so this I say to you:

As we take each new day,
that is given to us.
With the bumps and the curves,
we will learn to adjust.

I will protect you and shield you,
in each, every way.
I will love you, oh love you,
each and every day.

With love, hope, and faith,
we will search for the light.
Always be with each other,
as we just hold on tight.

– Sandra Scala

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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