Giving to the Community

I am holding a Charity Fundraiser for The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce Inc., and will be donating new bedding for the women and children seeking shelter “as they build safe and sustainable lives free from abuse and violence.”

I am doing this because here, we “untangle our mind, and set it free…” and that means offering support, kindness – showing love and compassion, even through the dark times.
I want to do something that is helpful and kind towards society. There are many women and children who are abused and have nowhere to turn, and it is sad to know this. No woman should be abused – whether it is emotionally, mentally, physically, or sexually.

Abuse is NOT acceptable in today’s society, and here at The Women’s Centre, the women and children can strive to rebuild their lives safely with support, finding the strength to keep pushing forward.

I will provide to the Women’s Centre, in conjunction with my husband’s store – Sheet Sets, Sherpas (60×80 throw blanket), and Comforters! The cost of a Sherpa is $15, Sheet Sets are $20, and Comforter Sets are $40 (all in CAD).

Every little bit helps. ANY act of kindness goes a LONG way!!! Please join me in helping this organization provide to these women and children in need!!

For every $100 I receive, I will be donating a set of hats and mitts to The Women’s Centre, out of my own pocket!!
I will be accepting donations up until December 5th, through e-transfer at, and will be visiting the Centre on Saturday, December 7th, where I will share a post of the donations!!
I will also be posting progress updates of the incredible kindness within The Mind, Untangled. community!!! ❤️
Please share and spread the word! Let’s do this!! 🙏
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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