Every little bit helps …

All it takes, is for someone to feel that they are worthless, to be in this kind of situation, or worse…

The demons in their minds take over, and all of a sudden, they are in a dark, cold spot, where they thought they would never be.

For the fortunate ones – what would happen if this was you in a similar situation?

A couple of years ago, we took the girls to Niagara Falls, Ontario.
There, we came across 2 homeless people, one was in a wheelchair.
My girls asked, “Why are they homeless?”
I explained to them that everyone goes through rough times in their lives.
I said that we don’t know what happened, but there’s no reason why we can’t help.

It was one of the coldest nights, New Year’s Eve, of 2017, going into 2018,
and so we got each of them a hot chocolate.
It’s something small, but it’s something we wanted to do for them.

Every little bit helps.

We as a society, should help people when in need.
Why are there so many homeless? Starving?
Why is there so much poverty?
Substance Abuse? Suicide?

For those suffering in pain and alone, have faith.
Find courage, and keep pushing forward.
Find someone who you trust will help you and bring back your light,
who will help you find your strength.

You are not alone…there are people out there who are kind and compassionate. There are people who will help…

Let’s try to make a difference, today, by helping those in need. ❤️

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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