I had a dream one night, and it freaked me out. So much so, that when I woke up I felt tears on my face. My writings below describes the dream I had, but I will tell you this – I researched “Tsunami” and “big waves” that same day…I needed to find out what the meaning behind my dream was.

According to “dream meaning“, a rising tsunami or a tidal wave within a dream represents repressed feelings and emotions. You can see their full meaning by clicking on their link.

Here, I share my writing and video I created, based on that dream, and my emotions.

I felt my heart pounding, as I watched.
I saw a girl with her big brown eyes,
long hair blowing in the wind,
as she stood on the sandy beach.

She saw the massive wave, coming towards her.
Fierce and uncontrollable, just as she felt.
She started to run, but then,
she stopped. Suddenly.

She stood utterly still, and silent, and in awe.
It was as if the wave was warning her.
Making her aware, of her own emotions.
The girl knelt down, on her knees,
tears streaming down her face.

Uncontrollable feelings coming from within,
as she just let it all out.
Her fears, her pain.
Her thoughts, her emotions.

She didn’t care anymore.
It didn’t matter to her what others thought.
She was human. She is human.
She has a right to her own feelings.
She has a right to her own opinions.
She had had enough of hiding. Enough of being scared.
She wasn’t going to let it happen anymore.

No more manipulation. No more intimidation.
No more. No more.
No more secrets. No more lies.
No more. No more.

And as she pulled herself up from the sandy beach,
she gazed at the massive wave.
She held up her hands, palms out,
as if pushing the wave away from her.
She pushed her arms straight, with all of her force,
as she saw the wave slowly calm down.

It was at that moment she began to feel peace within herself.
She took a deep breath in, and slowly exhaled,
as the tears continued to trickle down her face.

It was her life, and her family, she thought to herself.
The choices that they made, is what mattered.
It was their happiness that meant the most to her.
And she wasn’t going to let anyone, or anything,
interfere with that happiness.

It was time for her to move forward.
It was time for her to stand her ground.
It was time for her to believe in herself,
and not allow others to impact her emotions.
To not allow others to control her happiness.
And as I watched the girl, cautiously,
I felt tears on my own cheeks.
It wasn’t until then, that I awoke from my dream,
and I realized that the girl with the big brown eyes,
the long hair blowing in the wind,
was me.

Remember, it is okay to cry and scream. Do what you need to do to just let it all out! Hang in there, and stay strong. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. You are beautiful, inside and out…
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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