Do what brings YOU joy, and be mindful

You cannot judge what should bring others joy, and others cannot judge what should bring you joy.

– Alan Cohen

Even the smallest of things, if they bring you joy – then do them. If it calms you down, do it!

Whether it is drawing, singing, dancing, writing, going for a walk, or taking trips…it’s your life, and you should do what makes YOU happy!

My purest joy are my children, my family. I have had people wonder how I can do it with so much attention needed and so many things to do. The thing is, raising my children is what makes me happy. Watching them accomplish the little things in life is what makes me happy.

As a person losing their vision, I want to see and experience as much as I can with my children. I want to see them grow. I want to see their smiles, hear their laughs, feel the warmth of their hugs, and taste the salty tears from their eyes.

I want to experience all of their emotions and share with them the necessities of life, the joys of life, and what it entails.

It saddens me when I see how children are judged based on their actions, their looks, the way they speak. It hurts when I see and hear other children laughing at children who are enjoying something they love doing.

I ask myself, “what is this world coming to?”. I mean, seriously, if my child enjoys climbing a tree, then why not let her do it? If she falls, she will fall – she will pick right back up and try again. I have seen it, and I also see how she has no fear. I see pure joy in her eyes, because that’s what she loves doing.

If a child wants to sit and colour, and that brings them joy, then that is great! It does not mean that another child has to judge them for doing that.

There is no obligation to do what other people do. At then end of the day, you do what makes you happy. What makes you calm and what makes you feel at peace within yourself – that is what you need to focus on.

Another example – if an adult is wearing clothing that you do not agree with – are you going to be so quick to judge to say, “Oh my, look at what they are wearing!”? And why?

Really, it is none of your business, and as long as that person feels good in what they are wearing, then how does that affect you? Why are you so quick to judge?
Be mindful of others and don’t be so quick to judge! The fact is – something that may bring you joy, may be the total opposite of what brings another person joy. ❤️

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