Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde
That’s me in the header picture – laughing and bubbly. That’s always been me – the social butterfly, the one who gets along with most people, the one who believes anything and everything that is said, trusting only too easily.
That’s me. And no one else.I don’t want to be anybody else BUT me!
But guess what? I am also the one who is guilty of allowing myself to get into times like this …

This is the one who has had to take steps back. To really take a pause in life, and just breathe, because sometimes, life’s moments creep up on us…
I posted this quote on social media yesterday:

This is one quote that will always stick in my mind, because truth is, I’m too sensitive, and I’ve been stepped on way too many times.

We all have, at some point in our lives.

We are all sensitive in our ways. We are only trying to do what we think is the best thing for us in our lives at certain times, but the sad thing is, because of our kindness, we tend to let people walk all over us.

I find that my mind gets tangled too much, especially when it is triggered towards me, or my girls. Anyone who hurts my girls, they hurt me. And yes, it leaves a dent in me. I will never forget how it’s made them feel, or how it’s made me feel. No parent wants to see their children crying because of something that has been said or done.
And I know, I get it, it’s all about forgiving and letting go. Trust me, I’ve had to do a lot of that shit in my past – not just for others that have hurt me, but for myself. I have had to forgive myself for allowing ME to get so emotional and trusting towards others.

Thing is, allowing ourselves to go with the emotion helps the healing process. Allowing ourselves to “take a break” helps us to grasp the importance in our lives and to keep pushing forward. Find gratitude and appreciating even the smallest of things.

Even if that means shutting people out…
The thing is, sometimes you need that time to find yourself, because nobody’s going to do it for you, right?

You see, in life, we are faced with different “things”. Things that make us feel happy, and things that make us feel lost, or angry – like we don’t know what the hell we are doing, or where we are going.

And sometimes, it does take a little longer to find yourself, as you realize different people pulling you in different directions. The people who make you feel lost, the ones that hurt you – are the people that shouldn’t be in your life.

You try so damn hard to be your happy (crazy, fun) self, but then people just keep crossing the line. There are limits. YOU have limits. So how much hurt can you take before you really do explode, and finally FIGHT back? But then you still get slammed because they really do think you’re the mean one for even sticking up for yourself?!

There is only so much any one person can take from all of the noise, so what do we do??!!
Try your damn hardest to just IGNORE all the negative noise! DON’T give up!! Because it does get better…you have to remember to STICK UP FOR YOURSELF!
Because some people just aren’t worth your time OR energy, and you have to do what’s best for your mental health. TAKE CARE OF YOU so that you can be HAPPY!!!!
It may take time, but at the end of the day, if you waste too much of your time entangling your mind with it, that web becomes bigger and darker, and that’s one thing you DON’T want!! You NEED to do something about the hurt emotions you are feeling…
It’s like when you play Jenga …

You keep stacking and pulling, but at the wrong time, it can all come tumbling down – and eventually it does, but…you pick up, and you try again, right?
Well, it’s like your life – you keep trying and trying, and yes, it all crumbles around you, and it doesn’t make sense. BUT … you PICK yourself UP!And you try again. You keep building!!!
But you can’t let it consume your mind. Don’t keep all the little things bottled up inside. Find a way to release that energy, and…
…find yourself. Find your smile, your laugh, the person you are, and continue to be YOU! You can do it!!! ❤️

“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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