Be that “something”

Today I thought of this quote, and I really took some time to sit and think about it.

We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something to someone…even a lot of someones.

– Simon Sinek

I can remember back in college how I sat in class, daydreaming. Thinking. I always found myself drifting off into another world as I pondered where life would take me. I enjoyed my studies, I did, but perhaps I just needed something more.

And so I would write. Mainly poetry, expressing my thoughts on paper and then tucking it away, only to read it again months later. My poem titled “Success“, I have read to myself many times. So much so that it is pretty much memorized in my head. I referenced it in my article, “After the Storm” … If you haven’t read that particular article, have a read for inspiration!
For ease of reference though, I will let you read my poem here …

As you encounter a new phase in your life,
Make sure you take your time.
Know that what you are about to do,
Is what you want to do.
It has to be for yourself, and no one else.
You have to accept things in life,
Whether they are good or bad.
You have to accept yourself,
For who you are, and who you want to be.
Learn from your strengths and weaknesses.
Learn from the people who come and go.
Be strong through it all,
And take one day at a time.
Be proud of yourself when you’ve accomplished a goal.
A goal you’ve been working on for your life.
If you have a strong, kind heart through it all,
Then you’ve accomplished the greatest success in life.
You have become the strongest you could be.
You have become wise in the ways you know how.
And most importantly,
You have become the person you have wanted to be.
– Sandra Scala, The Mind, Untangled.

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