Another day

I took some time out in the cool, crisp air this morning, by the river…well okay, late morning!

I admit, this morning was more hectic than “normal”; BUT, I’m smiling now, so that counts, right?!! 😉 And besides, we all have those crazy moments and crazy days!
It’s amazing how one thing can lead to another in such little time.I’m up, making five sandwiches for lunches while Mark prepares the snacks…a little OCD?!

The kids are back and forth and I’m trying to maintain conversation with my eldest daughter as she talks about her thoughts. I say to her, “Untangle your mind baby, this is good, keep talking!!!”

It’s our busy week this week, as we juggle various projects we have on the go. Basketball, horseback riding, cooking courses and volunteering – all for the kids.
It’s funny though…we all get into routines. We find out what works for us, whether you are on your own or a family or even just pets (thinking of you here, Patty – for your pets!). We all have responsibilities and when one thing changes, it seems to change the whole routine. BUT IT IS OKAY!!

It is easy to swing back into motion. Let the moment pass, and figure out how to work with the change, that’s all. For some, it may be easier said than done; however, once you have accomplished what you needed to, it is something you can check off the list! And you feel GOOD about it! Right?!

The river out back is my favourite spot now – it is a place where I can just take “me” time to relax and refocus my energy to POSITIVITY!!

I used to go to a place in my hometown where there is a waterfall hidden in the woods. It is now a common spot – Hoggs Falls. It is absolutely gorgeous and when I do have a chance, I still like to go there for a hike and some relaxation.

But now, this river is a spot where I can go that makes me HAPPY! And, I still can do some writing as well.

Remember, even if the day starts off on the wrong side of the bed, there is still time to re-energize and enjoy what is left of it!!

Take the time you need, to focus and get back on track! ❤️

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