Always keep singing…

No matter what people think of you, always keep singing your own song.

Yes, I think I have run into a few people who think I am absolutely too wild and crazy, or who think I just don’t make any sense.

Yes, I admit it, sometimes my energy is so high that I probably make people wonder! And I also admit, sometimes I can be “all over the place” but guess what? That’s just me, and that’s the way I am! It’s almost as if I need to keep that energy up in order to not let my anxious mind take over, know what I mean?!

I remember a time back in college, I went out with my cousin. She is a lot like me – we both like to have fun and dance and sing, and not care what anyone else thinks.
Now, as you probably know from my recent articles, what other people think do seem to have some kind of impact on me, but, I have been, and am, getting better at letting it go!!
And, I am feeling so much better for it!

That was a squirrel moment – so back to that time in college with my cousin. We decided to go out to a nightclub. It was a nice one, in the outskirt of Toronto, and it was busy!
It was a great night, because we became our own dancing partners. We danced like the night was never going to end, not caring what other people thought, and pure innocence!
It was beautiful. It was fun. The music took us to another place as we twirled each other and sang out loud and most importantly, laughed.

Over the years, we have gone our own ways, but she is someone I think of often. You see, she lived with me in Toronto for quite some time, before parting, and she was like my little sister. I loved her dearly and we became really close!
She gave me such a burst of energy, as I’m sure I did her as well. We were like two little girls, dressing up for a party, and having fun. Not a care in the world. And seriously, those are the types of people we need to surround ourselves with!!

But nowadays – as an adult, a wife, a mom, a stepmom – things have slowed down. I have slowed down. A lot.
I keep telling my girls that the first time they go to a nightclub is going to be with me!! ooooooh, the excitement – I can’t wait!! It’s so funny because they think it may be embarrassing, yet I think it will be a BLAST! I still have a few years to convince them, so we shall see!

It really doesn’t matter what people think of us, we need to keep doing what we enjoy doing. We need to keep ourselves and our minds occupied with happy thoughts. Happy outings. Family. Friends. Whatever it may be!!
And yes, I will try to be my best happy self as much as I can! I’m not perfect, but that’s OKAY!

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