I think everyone worries about acceptance, and what people think of them. The way we speak, the way we look, the way we do things. And I mean, why wouldn’t we want to make new friends? Why wouldn’t we want to have someone who we can actually call a friend and be able to confide to?

I have realized over the years, just how precious life, and time, is. I have realized that I don’t have time to be worried about what other people think.
Last night, Mark and I took the girls to Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. Since I didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring Mimi (my Canine Vision Dog), I brought my handy dandy stick.

My point in sharing this story is because first of all, I never really take my stick out unless I absolutely need it. A part of me doesn’t want to use it, because like last night, I get a lot of stares. And it’s funny (well, not funny), because when people see the stick, they automatically think that I am completely blind. They automatically judge. And, they automatically get this look on their face – a look of, oh poor girl. And the first thing that goes through my mind is, “really?” The last thing I want, is people feeling sorry for me!

I have a happy life and am very fortunate to be surrounded by people who care about me, and love me, for WHO I am. For what’s on the inside, not the outside.
I don’t know how many times last night, I turned to Mark and said, “Did you see the look on their face?” I mean, who cares? Really? I carry a stick. Yes, I have night blindness. Yes, I have no peripheral vision. But, who cares?!

It does not define who I am.

The girls and I went to use the bathroom, and while in line, my daughter says to me, “Mom, those girls are talking about us.” She didn’t say much at that time, but than after said, “Yea, I think they were talking about you and your stick.”
I looked her dead in the eye, and said, “I really don’t care. I really don’t care what they think and what they say. This helps me, and this is who I am, so they can say whatever they want.”
And that. Was that. End of conversation.

The thing is, if we dwell too much on “acceptance” by other people, and care so much about what they think – that is going to cause us to think less of ourselves. That will cause us to lose confidence in ourselves. We need to accept that what other people think of us, isn’t important. What we think of ourselves is the most important thing!

We are all faced with challenges in life.We are all faced with struggles in life.
BUT – We are all EQUAL, and we all have our one life to live.

So many times, have I been embarrassed to walk with the stick, and perhaps that’s part of the reason why I decided to get Mimi – to feel acceptance by others in today’s society. With Mimi, I get the “Oooooohhhh, look how cute!” and “Can I pet your dog?”. No, no you can’t. She’s working, and she can’t be distracted. Done.

With the stick, you see, I accidentally hit someone in the leg last night. It wasn’t hard, it was a nudge. I made a joke of it with this guy because he turned to look, and so I said, “SORRY!! It was my stick, honestly!!!” He just laughed and said it was okay!
Those are the types of people who are awesome and who we would want to be around, because trust me, that’s what boosts our self-confidence – our self-acceptance. I saw a lot of dirty looks last night, and sometimes, I would much rather not see those looks at all!
This quote here:

Your time is way too valuable to be wasting on people that can’t accept WHO you are.

– Turcois Ominek

You learn to know who you can trust, and who will truly accept you for who you are. Your happy moments, crazy moments, your sad moments, and yes – even your frustrating moments. You are important and so is your time. If people can’t accept WHO you are, then why are you wasting your time on them?

You have your ways, your goals, your desires, and even your dreams! Don’t allow the negativity of other people or their thoughts of you, bring you down.
You see, each individual is unique in their own way, and that’s what makes them so special! But when people judge and they don’t accept you for YOU, it saddens you. It makes you overthink and over-analyze.

It hurts when we are rejected by people and especially when we put so much of our time and energy in trying to “make” or “save” a friendship or relationship. It’s not worth it, really. And so when you think about it, make sure you treat others, the way you wish to be treated! ❤️
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

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