A True Friend

A friend is not someone who laughs at a decision you’ve made.
A friend is not someone who only calls when they want something.
A friend is not someone who will judge you.
And a friend is definitely not someone who will do things behind your back, creating unnecessary issues, causing hurtful outcomes.

A true friend, however, is someone who wants to, and chooses to, stick by you no matter what happens.
A true friend, is someone who realizes that no one is perfect, and will comfort you through the difficult times.
A true friend will understand when enough is enough, and when the right time is to either offer their support, or keep their distance.

A true friend, will confront you when they have issues.
They will not hide, nor will they be secretive or vindictive.
They will not turn a situation around in order to make themselves feel better.
They will not put you down in order to achieve an inner feeling of power.
That inner feeling they thrive on is the kind that initiates intimidating actions.

Friends don’t do that to each other; rather, they show honesty and respect.
They accept changes in and around their lives, even if that means losing a friendship.
By accepting change, it creates peace and happiness.

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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