A love poem and thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Today, I will share a poem I wrote:

Today, I do love you.
As I did, yesterday.
And I will, tomorrow.
In each, every way.
I don’t want, nor I need,
flowers, chocolates, or wine.
They don’t mean a thing to me,
So long as you’re mine.
It’s the look in your eyes.
It’s the touch of your lips.
It’s the way you hold on tight,
your arms wrapped ‘round my hips.
It’s the small things that count,
When you know what to do.
It’s the way our days shift,
So I do not feel blue.
So, thank you, my love.
For being here with me.
With you I feel whole,loved, safe, and carefree.
© Sandra Scala 2019

Yes, Valentine’s Day comes once a year and yet, we somehow tend to make it that “extra special”.

However – Unconditional love just doesn’t happen on one particular day. It is to be experienced every day, and shown in the little ways that we can…

To love a person is to see all of their magic and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.

– Unknown

Remind that special someone just how magical they are to you…sometimes I believe people forget. They forget just how special and magical love can be.

Appreciating who we have in our lives, and for the things we have in our lives, is always so important. Not taking all the little things for granted – showing empathy, understanding, and kindness, is also so important. It helps to keep things alive and happy, and positive. ❤️

Let your significant other know just how much they mean to you. It shouldn’t be just today, but every day!
Have a beautiful day, all! ❤️

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