Sisters …

It truly is amazing to have a sister, who I can call my best friend.
Who has always been there for me through the good times,
the bad times, and the times of all times!!

She gave this postage frame to me on our birthday,
a loooong time ago!! (yes, OUR birthday – she is my twin!).

She drove four hours total the other day,
to come and watch me do my speech,
even with her little boys…
She always seems to go that extra mile. every. single. time.
To just be with me. Supporting my beliefs, encouraging me to be strong.

I love you Jos, more than you will ever know.
Even miles apart, our bond is cherished.
You are my beautiful sister, inside and out.
Someone who I can always count on, and talk to.

Thanks for being a part of me ❤️😘
Miss you. Love you. Be safe. Always.
(as tears stream down my face…)

I also have an older brother and sister-in-law, whom I love so much,
and you both know you mean the world to me as well!! ❤️

**Share if you have siblings who mean the world to you!!
Let them know you are thinking of them. Brighten their day!**

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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