Help me reach my goal!

OKAY, everyone, I’ve got some news!!!! 😲

I will be doing something on August 9th, the day of my 40th Birthday … keep reading… 😉

First, I want to thank all of my followers for your love and support! What an amazing journey it has been!!

A lot of you know that I deal with my vision loss and anxiety on a daily basis, and I try to live life to the fullest, with my family and close friends!! I started The Mind, Untangled., in hopes to motivate and inspire those going through dark times in their life, encouraging those to realize that they are NOT alone!

We all have fears. We all have worries. Me, I try to face mine, and I hope you do too. Try to find the courage and strength within, while maintaining peace, happiness, and love, to keep pushing forward!

I will be taking part in a panel discussion on July 13th, at the Usher Syndrome Coalition in Philadelphia, and I really hope to reach my fundraising goal of $1000 in order to help find a cure for Usher Syndrome, and sooo….I have decided to go SKYDIVING!

I have done a bungee jump – – and zip lining experience in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia (Canada) – and even then, I couldn’t do the jump on my own. BUT, this time, it’s going to be just me, tandem jumping from 13,500 feet in Gatineau-Ottawa (Canada) with Parachute GO Skydive!!

Am I freaked out? Absolutely!!
But I’m going to do this, for all of my #RP#UsherSyndrome family, and for all of those who are facing fears. We only live this life once, so enjoy every bit you can of it!!!! #faceyourfears

Help me raise my goal for USH Connections Conference 2019, and let’s give hope to all of those living with Usher Syndrome! ❤️

To make a donation and read my story, please click on this link:

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