How to make Italian Doughnuts (Zeppole)

This here, has been a favourite for me!!


It is made with raisins sometimes too, that is your choice, but I made it plain. Here is the recipe for my dough, which my mother passed on to me! We had fun making this together, and the kids loved it!


➡️ 3 cups of flour
➡️ 2 cups of lukewarm water
➡️ 2 tsp sugar
➡️ 1 tsp salt
➡️ 1 tbsp yeast
➡️ olive oil
➡️ icing sugar
➡️ raisins (optional)


First, get your lukewarm water and add the yeast to it to allow it to dissolve. In the meantime, in a bowl, add your flour, salt, and sugar and combine together.

Slowly add in your water to the dry ingredient mixture, bit by bit, and combine together. Once combined, add a touch of olive oil, and mix. A stand-up mixer is great for this, but if you do not have one, you can just use your hands!!

Based on the consistency, you can add flour. It depends how doughy you want this to turn out. I used 3 cups because it leaves it a little sticky, making the dough more moist on the inside and easy to become crispy on the outside.

Allow the dough to rise for an hour. Then knead it, and you are ready to fry!

You want the oil to be HOT – I used peanut oil and I really love how these turned out! You also want to fry these so that they are golden brown and crispy! All you are doing are taking bits of the dough, and putting them into the frying pan. Some people choose to cut the dough pieces first….I like being spontaneous and just having them different shapes and sizes!! Again, something else that is your choice!!

Once you remove them from the frying pan, have a strainer ready (over a bowl) and just plop them in there, one by one, to allow excess oil to drain off, but more importantly – this is where you will have more sugar ready to coat them with! Then you can also add some icing sugar! And voila! DONE!

Add them to a plate and they are ready to serve!!

I hope you enjoy this dish just as much as we do!

ciao ciao for now!

~ Sandra ❤️

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