Feta Pasta with a twist!

I saw this recipe on Tik Tok, so I thought I would give it a try, and boy was it yummy! Not only was it yummy, but it was so easy and very quick to make!!

Feta Pasta with a twist!

Let me share it with you here!

You will need:
➡️ Pasta
➡️ Grape tomatoes
➡️ Feta cheese
➡️ Parmesan cheese
➡️ Asiago cheese
➡️ Olive oil
➡️ Fresh oregano
➡️ Fresh basil
➡️ Garlic cloves
➡️ Garlic salt
➡️ Salt and pepper

➜ First, set your oven for 350.
➜ Prepare your pan by layering the bottom with olive oil.

➜ Add in your grape tomatoes (I used 11/2 pints), then place the feta cheese block whole in the centre of the tomatoes. I ended up using two separate blocks because I made a big batch, but honestly, you can put however much you want!

➜ Add the salt, pepper, garlic salt, and oregano. Then, set the garlic cloves in different sections of the pan (these are going to slowly cook and soften!).

➜ Let’s top it off with some more olive oil! Have I told you that I love olive oil?!!

➜ Next, put your pan in the oven to bake at 350 for 35 minutes!

➜ While that is working its magic, get your pasta ready, and put to the side. I saved some of the pasta water and added it into the pan to make it a little more creamy at the end (this is optional!).

➜ Once the timer goes off, bring your tomato/feta dish out, and mash everything together. Me, I like the chunks of tomatoes so I didn’t mash or puree too much. You can mash it however much you like, just make sure to blend all the flavours together!

➜ Then, you are ready to add the Asiago and Parmesan cheese! Sprinkle all over!! Again, you don’t have to use these cheeses – this is the twist. I thought it would be tasty to add some more cheese flavours in it!

➜ Next, add your fresh basil! Mix Mix Mix some more!!

➜ Add your pasta into the tomato/feta dish, and mix it all together!

And voila! You are done! Simple as that!!

Here is a quick video that I did…have a look!

Feta Pasta with a twist!

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do!

ciao ciao for now!

~ Sandra ❤️

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