Stop the bullying!

I posted a video on my YouTube Channel, because I want to make people aware that bullying is very serious these days, especially for children. When children are bullied, it leaves them feeling sad, angry, hurt, confused, and sometimes – suicidal. They start feeling very anxious and some even get depressed…easily. I talk about this …

Practice makes PERFECT!

I love playing the piano and find that it helps with my anxious mind! Here I am playing Fur Elise by Beethoven – an all-time favourite!! Not perfect – but – practice makes perfect!!!And – an added bonus is that it makes me feel great!! What do you do to help calm your mind?


I promised I would share my video, so here it is!!13,500 feet up in the air, free fall for one minute at 200km, and wow, what a RUSH! Best time ever, and I would do it again! Thanks Parachute GO Skydive for sponsoring me, and making it a memorable experience!! Face your fears, and keep …

My reaction to SKYDIVING!

Be FEARLESS, and face your fears! The sky is the limit!! OKAY….I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be skydiving for my 40th birthday! And guess what? I did it!!I still can’t believe it!!! In the skies of Gatineau, Quebec, with the best instructor ever! This is the post-jump video (and I …

Feels good to let loose!

It sure does feel good to just sing and dance! It helps to relieve the stresses of the day; and, it helps the whole family to enjoy watching Mom “try” to sing her favourite song!! All in the comfort of our own home! Have a look, and subscribe to my channel for more videos!