The Narcissist…

The Narcissist. Or what I would like to call them, the Bully.
They show no remorse for their actions.
They just don’t care about anything or anyone, but themselves.

Don’t let them intimidate you.
Don’t let them control you or your thoughts. Don’t let them “win”.
Don’t let them, don’t let them …It’s emotional abuse, and it’s intolerable.

I am now lucky to have found true love, respect, and understanding – someone who values me for who I am.

I remind myself that the narcissist doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of knowing that the words they’ve chosen, the actions they’ve taken, have hurt me deeply – causing my anxiety to creep in, as both anger and sadness overflow my mind.

What gives that person the right to do that to me??!!!
I AM going to stand my ground.
I will NOT let them have control over my thoughts.

I will talk to my loved ones.
I will write. I will breathe.
And I will trust that the moment will pass.
I will focus on the things that make me happy in my life, and keep moving forward!

I hope those who experience narcissism in their life, will take control and not allow anyone to make them feel worthless.

You do NOT deserve to be bullied.
You are NOT worthless.
Remember that.

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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