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A little something before 2021 rolls in…

To know that you can try again the next day, IS courage.

Not everyone is perfect, and not every day will be perfect; BUT, every day counts as a day, and that’s an accomplishment right there – you can do this! ūü•į

And, as we get into the new year, putting 2020 and all its crazy events behind us…I want to share just a few videos that I have posted on my Cinnamon channel¬†here. It’s a combination of motivation and funny and serious…I hope you enjoy!

A mind-untangling conversation with Cintia

YES, YES, YES!!! Who wants to learn about Cognitive Decline?! Alzheimer’s Disease? How the brain works? Some mental health discussion? Then this is the video for you!
Here, I have Cintia, also known as Veggiessima in our Coil CommunityCinnamon Community, and also on Twitter!

I was so inspired by her article, “Are you doing what you can to avoid cognitive decline?“, and had questions of my own on how to prepare for this, how to train our brain…what can we do to recognize cognitive decline behaviour, and help those we love?

Cognitive decline does not happen overnight, but rather over many years, way before symptoms start to present.

– Cintia
I am not going to get into much detail here, but encourage you to watch as we “untangle our minds, and set them free…”!

**As mentioned in the video, this should not be used for medical advice. If you require help, please seek assistance from someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills.**

We seriously can’t get more real than this though – so sit back, and enjoy the show!
Thank you so much, Cintia, for sharing your thoughts! I really learned a lot from you, and it is really so great to hear your perspective on real-life matters – especially cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease!! I truly believe this will encourage those dealing with family members and/or friends, to keep pushing forward, one step at a time…

A mind-untangling conversation with Colin

Check out my video, where Colin shares his thoughts on many topics…I call it…A mind-untangling conversation with Colin the Ocelot!

This is the second part of my series, where Colin and I discuss real-life situations about many things, including mental health, our interview from a while back, and his article “Loneliness”, which raised a lot of interest!

Both articles can be found here:“Who is Colin the Crypto Ocelot?”Loneliness
I am not going to get into much detail here, but encourage you to watch as we “untangle our minds, and set them free…”!
**As mentioned in the video, this should not be used for medical advice. If you require help, please seek assistance from someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills.**

We seriously can’t get more real than this, unedited (yes, there is profanity), but sit back, and enjoy the show!

I apologize in advance for the interruption from my pup, Bruno and dog, Mimi. They were feeling anxious being left out of the show!!

Thank you so much, Colin, for sharing your thoughts. I really do think you have made quite the impact with your articles, and I hope this right here will also help make a difference in someone’s life who needs to hear this!! You can find Colin on¬†Twitter, as well as¬†Coil¬†known as “Colin the Crypto Ocelot”!!

What is considered “normal” in today’s society?

What is normal? How can you look at someone and determine whether or not they are normal? Many people deal with underlying issues that can’t be seen by just looking at someone. There’s no such thing as normal.

– Sandra Scala

I can’t stress this more enough. During one of my talks, I stressed on “what is normal?”
Ha! Here is an example – just because I can’t see out of the corner of my eyes, doesn’t mean I “can’t see” or “don’t know”. It doesn’t mean that you should (or have the right to) take advantage of me OR my vision. Really, I should say, “I’m not stupid.”

Here is another example – the child with Asperger’s – a child who truly does understand how people think and react towards them because of their differences. Just because they may not be able to voice their feelings or be engaged in conversation the same as others, does not mean you should (or have the right to) take advantage of them. Really, they should say the same thing as well, “I’m not stupid.”

But here’s the thing – I don’t like the word “stupid”. I think it is mean, rude, disrespectful, and unkind. I simply don’t like the word “stupid”. I was always taught growing up not to say that word, and that is something I have carried on in my family, with my children.

That is one of the many things I am grateful for that my parents taught me.
And maybe this is why I spoke about “normality” – because I am passionate when it comes to people being taken advantage of, and I am passionate about children and adults who have “underlying issues that can’t be seen by just looking at someone”. Nobody should be looked upon or treated as “stupid”! No man, woman, child, youth, elderly – NOBODY!!

This post is inspired by my children, and also what I “see” in life. It’s as simple as this – don’t judge. Don’t take advantage of people and their “disabilities” or “conditions” or “situations”. Don’t take advantage of their “issues”.

You may have no idea what that person has been through. It’s not nice. And EVERYONE needs to hear this. We ALL have feelings. We ALL have emotions. You can’t just look at someone and judge – before you do, think about your words AND actions.
An amazing quote by Morgan Freeman:

Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of.

Show kindness…give people a chance to be who they are, and try to understand before you judge – whether they are “normal” or not.
To all the people who are having a rough time – remember, you are special and no less than anyone else! Stick up for yourself, and your beliefs – you are worth it!!! ‚̧ԳŹūüôŹ

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

– Maya Angelou

“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”

A mind-untangling conversation with Adam

AAAAAHHHH….Introducing my show, The Mind, Untangled. – a place where we can “untangle our mind, and set it free…”!
The video is at the bottom of this quick article…

This project of mine has been on the back burner for quite some time now, but it has taken off! Life happened, COVID happened, life happens. period. But there are no more excuses.

There are many ways of accomplishing our goals, and technology can be one of them Рas in here, you will find my first show featured on ZOOM, featuring Adam Waring (also known in the Coil and Cinnamon Community as AussieNinja), and on Twitter as @CryptoAdam. Give him a follow!!

I am not going to give much detail here in this article, since we have a great video to watch, where it is¬†RAW,¬†UNEDITED, and¬†REAL…because “we’ve all got something” going on in our lives, and it is¬†great to talk freely about what is tangling our minds!
I will say this though – in this edition of my show, Adam and I share our thoughts on anxiety, and well, life in general. I thank him for his time, and great talk!! Oh, and let’s not forget the appearance of Madison and Clarissa, and my dog – Mimi.¬†This show is an “anything goes” kinda show!

If you are interested in appearing on my show¬†to just have a talk about anything and everything to untangle your mind, reach out to me on Twitter –¬†@minduntangled, FaceBook –¬†The Mind, Untangled., or Instagram –¬†The Mind, Untangled.
Sit back and relax – and enjoy, until the next time!

I hope you enjoy the show –¬†Peace and love to you all!

Do we remain silent?

WELL – This article has been sitting here for oh, a couple of months…I know, right? It’s been since September, and well, I have been contemplating on sharing this article because truth hurts, and as much as you replay the scenarios in your mind, as much as you try to make sense of it – sometimes, it still doesn’t make sense. So I figure, if I just let it go and share, maybe it will lift a bit of weight off my shoulders?

So, on September 17th, I conducted a poll through Twitter, with this:
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…! My next article on @Coilwill be to share my thoughts on whether the quote “Silence is better than unnecessary drama” is indeed, a wise choice, when in a relationship. What do you think?! Keep an eye out for the results in my article!”
And, here were the results:

True – 28.6%False – 28.6%Depends on the situation – 42.9%
These results are only based on 7 votes, but hey – that’s okay! I am still going to give my point of view about this topic, because truth is, it is a tricky question and can be seen in many different ways.
Let’s outline the quote here by the anonymous author:

Silence is better than unnecessary drama

It’s almost like I have to repeat that phrase to myself so that I can truly understand it. I mean, nobody wants drama, especially when in a relationship with someone you care for or deeply love. Yet at the same time, nobody wants to be left unheard. In that aspect – when it comes to something that is meaningful to us, do we not have the right to say something? If we do not speak our thoughts, then how do we keep pushing forward to better ourselves for the “next” time? If we keep our thoughts in and allow our minds to get all tangled, then how can we learn in order to avoid the unnecessary drama? How can we truly understand the situation, or ourselves, if the silence is not broken?
This song comes into my head when I think of this topic when it comes to relationships. Powerful in so many different aspects for so many different situations. Have a listen – it’s a beautiful song and the words are so meaningful…

I figure drama can be created when there are different opinions. Different morals.
Every person has a right to their own opinion, to their own feelings,¬†and is it not reasonable to say that the unnecessary drama¬†can truly¬†be avoided even if we spoke out? But, even if we spoke out and there is drama, then isn’t it safe to say that maybe, just maybe, that will open the eyes of the other person to help them realize that maybe they were in the wrong? For whatever the situation was?

The problem with this, is that because we all feel that we are “right” because of the way we feel, we automatically assume that it’s okay to speak hurtful words. To say things that really, truly do hurt our feelings…
A friend of mine once told me –¬†“maybe they’re not saying *that* to you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings”. My response to that was,¬†“But why can’t they feel free to be open and honest with me? Why can’t they¬†trust¬†me to know that if they are open and honest about ‘situation’, then I would be more accepting of that ‘situation’? What is there to hide? What is the secret?”

These are all thoughts that go through my mind, as it gets tangled into a dark web. I questioned myself with different scenarios…my mind turning like crazy as I asked myself so many questions, belittling myself for things I didn’t even do wrong…
I truly believe¬†that when in a relationship, the two people are best friends.¬†They are your “person” – the ones who we¬†confide¬†in, the ones we¬†pour our hearts to,¬†sharing all our¬†fears¬†and¬†anxieties. Sharing our¬†hopes¬†and¬†dreams. Yes, we have our friendships, even a best friend, but when in a relationship – I feel that¬†the person who you are with, is the one you should be going to¬†first¬†about a situation or something that is on your mind…whether good or bad.
As I sit here and write this, I feel like sometimes I am contradicting myself, because is there really a right answer to this? I guess it really does depend on the situation…

Silence can be powerful;¬†yet, people can take it the wrong way. Silence can be used for many different reasons, but I guess what I’m talking about here, is that when silence is used in¬†response¬†to a “situation” that truly means a lot to you, it allows us to collect our thoughts and reconsider words that may come out of our mouths in anger. It may not necessarily be the “silent treatment”.

And, it doesn’t always mean that you are angry at someone. It’s just that some¬†people are quick to say what they think, without really thinking about what they say.¬†And is it really important? Is it really necessary? Sometimes, when words are said in the heat of a moment,¬†it can truly hurt someone –¬†mentally¬†and¬†emotionally. Whether in a relationship or a friendship.
So what do we do?

If not already, I hope that you will consider subscribing to see my further points. As always, thank you for your continued support.Thank you to those who did take the time to answer my poll.

And on one last note¬†–¬†remember¬†– you have a right to your opinions. Your thoughts. Your emotions.¬†We all do.¬†Whether we choose to speak or remain silent –¬†think first about the other person and how your words and/or actions would affect them.¬†It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, as long as it makes sense and is intended only for the better, in¬†your¬†situation.¬†Kindness goes a long way, and whether it is a friendship or relationship, words always do matter. ‚̧ԳŹ

And, if you haven’t already, more of my thoughts in my article here, “Silence“. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to any comments on Twitter!
“Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…”