Climb the mountain …

This is a quote my daughter wrote, and she wanted me to share.
The picture is one I took while I was in Europe.

Every day, someone is climbing a mountain. Their own personal mountain.
The people who are having difficulty climbing, need encouragement from their loved ones and close friends. They need that reassurance that they are loved, wanted and needed.
And they need to realize that they are not alone and are worth it. Because they are.

Different, not less.

Temple Grandin

Just because an autistic child may act differently, look differently, or reach out differently…doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings or emotions. They do, very much so.

Yes, constant reminders may be a part of the daily routine.
And yes – hugging. kissing. crying. even frustrations…may be a part of the daily routine!
However; with patience and understanding, whether at home or at school, we can help our children understand and accept the differences. To help them smile and laugh, and feel appreciated.

For the children who crave acceptance by others (socially), it is so hurtful when they are told that they are “different” and/or “annoying”. Even for adults to be told that they “have issues”, is hurtful.
At least as adults, we know when enough is enough.
We know that no one should be spoken to that way, and this is what our children need to realize.

It all boils down to knowing who your true friends are, and realizing that,
true friendship is earned by trust and understanding, whether a person has challenges or not.

It takes love and patience as a parent to help their children climb that mountain…I’m working on it every day!! But as long as we help, teach, and motivate our children, it’s a step closer for them to face and accept challenges that may arise.

Tell your children you love them, every day. Give them a hug, spend that extra time with them, even for just a few minutes. As long as they know that their family is there for them – they will know, that their journey up the mountain is worth everything!

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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