table set, plates empty …

Um, yea. So this is what happened last night…

I had the table set, ready to go, but dinner in the oven wasn’t quite ready yet.
I couldn’t believe it…it’s been cooking for two hours, and it still wasn’t ready?!!
We had to be out the door for basketball, and I was to get grocery shopping done.
This absolutely was not going to happen if we sat around any longer.

Frustrated, I said – Forget it. Just forget it.
Leave the plates, turn off the oven, grab the grocery bags.
Let the dogs out, get the kids in the van, and LET’S GO!!!
I could feel myself getting anxious, wondering what we were going to do?!

After a few minutes of thinking…

Dogs were taken out.
Kids got in the van.
And off we went.

The kids were fed (thanks to McDonald’s!!)
Mark got them to basketball.
And me, I got the grocery shopping done!

I was able to control the extremity of my anxious mind by turning my panic mode into calm mode.
Like a TV, turning down the volume from all of the loud noise!

The thing is…there are options…there is ALWAYS another way!!!
Even if it costs a few extra dollars, it can save you from a lot of stress.
I made the quick decision that it was OK to just leave and pick up something quick for dinner!

And, I know for a fact, that I am not the only parent who panics and tries to balance everything in last minute intervals.
Actually, that’s the story of my life, and if it’s yours as well, so be it!!

For all those parents out there who panic about last minute fast food outings – meh, don’t let it stress you out!
If it gives you sanity in that moment, then go for it!!!

Let me tell you, the plates are still on the table.
Dinner sure is ready for tonight.
And I feel great!!!

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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