This quote here, is one I came across a few years ago. And the picture, I took while out for a drive. I just loved the way the house was standing there all alone, in the sunset.
All I could imagine was, solitude and peace.

At that time, I was feeling power-LESS, and I couldn’t stop all the questions going through my mind. My anxiety started to kick in. I didn’t want to be around anyone. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I would “hide” and ask myself all the questions as to why I wasn’t good enough, and why I was always “wrong”…
BUT. I had to be strong, for my children, and prove to them that even in situations where you feel all alone, you need to push forward and keep positive. That you need to surround yourself with people who love and care about YOU. For me, I was one of the lucky ones to have that kind of love and support…from my children, my family, my friends.

It did take me quite some time to realize though, that my situation was because of the toxic relationship I was in. The mind frame that I was put into (the negativity), thinking I could not do better or be better, caused me to lose control over who I was. I thought I was a lioness?!! What happened to the girl who was always happy and smiling, and just living life?!! I needed to find ME again – I needed to overcome my fears!!!

To those people who believe that they have power over someone, believe that they have control, are in control, and are better than you. Sadly, that’s how they like it and want it. For them to use that power to hurt someone mentally, emotionally, psychologically, is WRONG. And it shows that they are, in fact, weak. They are not in control; rather, they are hurting the person so that they feel better about themselves.

However, feeling powerless does not just happen because of a toxic relationship. It can happen to anyone, in any situation – whether it’s a young child, a teenager, an adult or an elderly person. Whether it’s in a school environment, work environment, or even at home.

Today, if you are in a relationship or a situation where the other person is causing you to feel powerless, talk to someone. Share your fears, share your pain. It doesn’t help to keep it all in. And stick up for yourself. If you let those people walk all over you, then you are giving them the satisfaction they want and crave. You are allowing them to hurt you and walk all over you. Don’t give them that power to do whatever they want. You are better than that, and you deserve better than that! Trust me, I learned the hard way …

You see, there’s the negative energy floating around that we need to avoid. I was lucky enough to find my way back. Surround yourself with the positive energy, the positive people.

Love. Respect. Kindness. Compassion. Integrity.
Remember these key points and BE happy!! You got this!!!


Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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