Freedom …

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”
Charles Spurgeon

An amazing quote, and so much truth.

Anxiety is real, and it sucks.
BUT, it can be controlled, if you take control…

Some of my writing:

Fear. Anxiety.
So powerful. So persistent.
Are you letting them control you?

Fear of what you see, and of what you hear?
Fear of what you experience, and of what you have experienced?
And the fear of what is yet to come?

Negative thoughts. Negative feelings.
Whether created by other people or every day stresses.
Will cause you to lose control of your inner self.

You are screaming so loud inside, but nothing comes out.
Fearful that if something is said, it is the wrong thing.
At the wrong time.

Remember to breathe. Breathe in and out.
Easier said than done, yes.
BUT, it has to be done. For your own sake.
You need to take control.
Before you lose yourself, and those close to you.

What is it? Your mind is racing like crazy? In every direction?

“There’s so much to do.”
“What have I done wrong?”
“Why did they say that? Why are they doing this to me?”

These are just thoughts. You can stop it.
Control it. Block it. Breathe.

“Stop shaking. Don’t panic. Stop.I need fresh air. I need sleep.”
More thoughts. Control it. Block it. Breathe.

“Could I have done something different?”
“Could I have changed their ways, or mine?”
Again, control the thoughts. Block them. Breathe.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Take a moment and look around.
There are people around you who love you, and who want to help.

When you feel like crying, when you feel so overwhelmed…
Just stop what you are doing for a second.
It’s OKAY to cry, and it’s OKAY to scream.

Regain your composure. Your sense of inner peace.
Look at your accomplishments in life.
And trust that it will get better…

Fear. Anxiety.
So powerful. So persistent.
Yet there is love; there is beauty.
And, there is happiness.

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

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