Another shift…towards art?

We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

– Joseph Campbell

Yes, we plan things in our minds of what we hope our future will look like. What our goals are. We’ve done it in the past, we do it now; and yet, who would have ever thought we would be where we are now? Today?

I’ve always been the type that I don’t really plan for the future. I always focus on today (and yes, I think of the past as well – GUILTY!) because I’ve always thought – how can I really think about tomorrow if anything could happen today?

This way of thinking does not work for everyone, I get it, but it works for me. I like to be flexible. I NEED to be flexible!! Especially with all the kids and the different schedules we have!!
Now that’s not really a bad way of thinking, even considering what is going on today.

It’s not thinking negative – it’s just the way it is – for me!
I have re-shifted a little – from working in the Paralegal field, to my writing, speaking, Tik Tok videos, and now this …

A R T ! ! !
It’s not perfect, I messed up because I thought I would do it with a marker first and not pencil!! Ooops, that was a mistake!! But by doing this, it really helped with my anxious feelings, I noticed.

You see, anxiety happens because we are wanting to control the events that happen in our daily lives, as well as our future. We worry about things because “we just don’t know”. And if we “don’t know”, then how can we seriously plan for it? We can’t control what’s going to happen tomorrow! Period. If we sit and worry about all the little shit that “could” happen, how can we really be happy?

Here, I want to share a quick video…I didn’t think to record the different stages that I did this “art”, and I wish I did now. So, I just put it into a quick Tik Tok Video which you can also find on my Cinnamon channel…

The reason for my art here – is my anxiety. It really relaxed me!! All the different lines, circles, shapes. I used black and white because well, I think of it as Mandala Art, right? Not quite quite, but almost!

I came across this, and couldn’t agree more! …“Focus on your drawing, and let your creativity flow. Your mandala is your sacred circle, and it tells your story. Drawing mandalas as a form of art therapy can reduce anxiety, tension and overall stress. Drawing stimulates creativity and is a way to release emotional blockages.”

Keep living your life the way that makes you happy!! It doesn’t matter how many different things you try. What matters is that you overcome your anxious thoughts, and just keep pushing forward, one day at a time!

To see some really cool, amazing artwork, I highly recommend you look at Kass‘ work!! His videos, his art – just AMAZING!!

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