A mind-untangling conversation with Colin

Check out my video, where Colin shares his thoughts on many topics…I call it…A mind-untangling conversation with Colin the Ocelot!

This is the second part of my series, where Colin and I discuss real-life situations about many things, including mental health, our interview from a while back, and his article “Loneliness”, which raised a lot of interest!

Both articles can be found here:“Who is Colin the Crypto Ocelot?”Loneliness
I am not going to get into much detail here, but encourage you to watch as we “untangle our minds, and set them free…”!
**As mentioned in the video, this should not be used for medical advice. If you require help, please seek assistance from someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills.**

We seriously can’t get more real than this, unedited (yes, there is profanity), but sit back, and enjoy the show!

I apologize in advance for the interruption from my pup, Bruno and dog, Mimi. They were feeling anxious being left out of the show!!

Thank you so much, Colin, for sharing your thoughts. I really do think you have made quite the impact with your articles, and I hope this right here will also help make a difference in someone’s life who needs to hear this!! You can find Colin on Twitter, as well as Coil known as “Colin the Crypto Ocelot”!!

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