The fact is.  EVERYONE deals with SOMETHING.
The question is. How do we overcome our fears to create peace within our minds?!

During the tough times, we need to remember to stay POSITIVE and be the person we want (and can) be! We need to remember to be kind, show compassion, and love!

Click on my blog to read my stories where I share my thoughts and emotions … Let’s focus on a little something for everyone so that we can ease our anxious minds!

Let’s untangle our mind, and set it free…

Sandra Scala

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear Sandra: I have just read your article in this month’s Spotlight the day after my driver’s licence was temporarily downgraded due to my not passing the road test, is probably more due to nerves than ineptitude. The test was the result of a minor swipe with a hydro pole and my being 81. Your words have reminded me of all that I needed to be reminded of as I move into all that is coming at me, living in a rural area with no public transportation. I thank you so very much and wish you all the strength, courage and self-compassion you too need as you continue to live this quite marvellous gift of a human life. Much love to you. Beverley V. Priceville, Ontario

  2. It is very inspiring and helpful to make us feel that we can rise above our problems and worries and that we are not alone. Above all you send us love in each word.

  3. Way to go WWF friend! You are very inspiring and I believe you will touch many lives with your journey thru life. Keep on the path!!

  4. Great job!! We love you and are here whenever you need us. No matter if we are in Ontario..Nunavut..or any place in the world.

    Yvonne and Gae!! Xoxo

  5. Just one more reason to be proud of you and forever grateful to have you in my life. Congrats on this new venture, Sand. The world needs more people like you. You’re amazing! As always, I love you. Muah xo

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